The following comparisons are made with the assumption that the extension hair is high quality remy human hair, similar to Great Lengths amazing quality.

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I respect you and your time.

 I have put policies in place to help ensure that I can give your service the time and quality you deserve.  This also, cyclically, ensures a quality service for the guests after you.  I thank you for your consideration and understanding.

Down payments:

Down Payments secure your scheduled spot and time allotted for the specialty service.  If you need to change your appointment for any reason, notify Julie at least 72hours in advance. Changes after 72 hours will require another down payment.  Any length, texture or color changes to your hair, following the consultation, must be expressed to Julie at least 2 weeks prior to set appointment.  This allows time for appropriate adjustments to supplies, products and set up.


Kindly allow at least 72 hours prior to your set appointment for any changes or cancellations.  This allows others the opportunity to get beautified in your time slot. Changes made within 72 hours will incur charges: 72-24hours 50% charge and less than 24 hours 100% charge of scheduled service.  Please arrive at scheduled time so that I have adequate time to give your hair the attention and quality service I am proud to offer.